Infographic: 3 Ways to Effectively Use LinkedIn

3 Ways to Effectively Use LinkedIn

If you use Facebook or Twitter or both, chances are you use LinkedIn too, which aims to help working professionals to network and connect. The website can be quite a powerful professional networking tool especially if you are looking for new employment or business opportunities. I use the website myself to network and connect with important contacts, which could prove useful in the future. If you want to network and connect with serious decision markers within your industry, LinkedIn provides the means for you to accomplish that. Here are 3 ways to effectively use LinkedIn to network and connect:

1. Check into the website at least once a week and connect with current and old colleagues that you have worked with. Some opportunities may emerge as a result of these connections so it will be worth it in the long run.

2. Join a number of groups relevant to your skill or interest and look to contribute to the group on a number of topics or discussions. The aim is to get yourself known and out there within your industry.

3. Check out the Q&A and answer a few questions a week. This is great for promoting yourself and helping other members who are looking for specific answers within your industry.

Don’t forget the aim of website is to help professionals so by following the three suggestions above, you can strengthen new and existing business connections, create new or follow-up on leads and promote yourself as a leader/expert within your industry or field.

So how do other professionals use Linkedin? Check out the image below from

The Linkedin Profile

So how do you use Linkedin? Are there any other effective ways to use the website? Please share your comments below or connect me at Linkedin.