Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Social Media

Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Social Media

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Social media, we have all heard of it and either not using it or considering using it to attract and interact with customers. So should all businesses use social media? Let’s look at some data. 

41% of UK companies are using social networking websites to attract new customers according to New Age Media. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter has risen 8% since last year with UK businesses assigning a third of their marketing budget to social networking campaigns. Worldwide, the number of businesses attracting customers via social networking sites has increased 7%, with 52% of worldwide companies using the channel to engage with their target market. The survey was based on more than 17,000 managers and business owners across 80 countries, including 4,000 respondents in the UK. The obvious choice for businesses to have some form of social presence on include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which allows companies to attract, engage and interact with customers.

Still not convinced? Well I’ve found some other interesting statistics from the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Here are some of the highlights of the benefits of social media:

  • 90% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business.
  • 72% of respondents said social media increased website traffic
  • 62% improved search rankings
  • 59% made new partnerships
  • 48% increased sales
  • Respondents were twice as likely to increase leads using social media

Just goes to show why such studies demonstrate the importance of social media and how businesses are increasingly integrating social media campaigns into their other online marketing activity. All top level company executives love numbers to prove whether a type of campaign will give a good return on investment so next time you have a performance meeting with your boss, do your homework and present to them the numbers to show it will/is worthwhile to have a social media presence.

So what do you think of the stats? Has social media played an important part of getting your business off the ground? Share your experiences in the comments below.